Photo Shoot: Roarback

I was asked if I wanted to do a photo for a wife’s cousin’s boyfriend’s trash metal band’s first demo cover… yea. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. It sounded like a great way to practice and the band had some cool ideas for the photo. After the arrangements had been made over the telephone, and the needed sunset was going to happen (for their own idea for the photo) I packed my gear and drove to Slagelse.

Dennis from the band had found this cool location – an old abandoned factory right next to where he lives. But of course once we got there and had done the initial photographic stretching exercises the sunset had almost passed and we were forced to come up with some other ideas or re-schedule. We walked around the grounds and did some uninspired attempts at cool photos. It didn’t work.

I’d almost given up and was facing another trip to Slagelse (more than 1 hour away by car) when I thought “ok, let’s ditch the sunset. To hell with the ambient!” and found a dark hallway on the backside of the big production hall we were in. I stuck my two strobes in there and did a test shot. Finally some potential! I chimped it to Dennis and his brother who had come along to assist and we decided to go for something in the hallway.

After a lot of testshots in a pitch black room, with stobe lights blinding us every time I forgot to say “Light!” begore I pressed the shutter button we agreed that we had the shot. I bled from my left index finger because I cut it on a broken piece of glass on the ground, my knees were sore from getting down in that impossible shooting angle, but driving home I was thrilled by the fact that “we got something”.

The next day I edited it and sent a couple of suggestions to Dennis. I used the test-shot I did as a suggestion for the back-side of the cover. The band members agreed on their favourite and my very first product had been delivered. Woohoo!

Here are the final images:

… and some edits that I personally liked:

Check out Roarback’s facebook page and have a listen to their music at their BandPage.

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