Google Calendar breakdown

I use a lot of products from Google, and I love them. Google Calendar is especially handy for (real men like) me. It keeps track of all my appointments, it’s searchable and always at hand when I have a net-connection.

Or, it was until the other day when it wasn’t. Some unknown error at Google made a lot of people’s (but still less than 1% of the users) secondary calendars unavailable. Under settings it said “you can: see nothing” – which was true but pretty critical when you needed to see when and where your next meeting was. This happened to me. Fortunately I remembered this particular date, but it might as well have gone differently.

It has taken 6 days to restore my calendar – A lot can happen in 6 days! I’ve been visiting Google’s App Status page a lot these days, and it has helped to calm my nerves to know that there were people at work to fix this.

My trust in Google has suffered severely from this incident. Let’s hope that it won’t happen again.