Blogging In English?

It’s been my intention all along. Or rather: ever since I read the Danish book Civilisation 2.0 by Tor Nørretranders. After I read it I was very enthused about its positive look on the future of technology and human society. I went to Tor’s blog to see what he was up to and at the time he was ardently advocating blogging in multiple languages if your first language isn’t a World Language (blogging in both English and Danish if you’re Danish). It seemed reasonable to me to blog in Danish when it was about local, personal or even private matters, and to blog in English when the subject might be interesting to a larger audience on the internet. As an example I might as well have written about my baby-steps into the Ubuntu-world, photography gear related posts, and music recommendations in English. Whereas posts about my family, school life and whatever I find rotten about the state of Denmark might be more relevant to write about in Danish.

On the other hand, blogging in English takes a lot more effort from me since it’s not my first language and the phrases I manage to put together might sound a little quirky to someone with English as their first language. But none the less – In the name of sharing; here’s my first post in English!